CML Fulfilment & Logistics

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The Brief

CML Fulfilment & Logistics is partly owned by the Culina Group. The Culina corporate branding needed to be identifiable in CML's new website design while not losing CML's own identity. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was lacking on the old website, a tailor made SEO strategy was required to sort this issue out. CML also wanted to incorporate a vacancies section into the new design. This would allow them to advertise and recruit for open vacancies without being completely reliant on external recruitment resources.

Our Approach

As a starting point for the new CML Fulfilment & Logistics website we used the Culina Group website template that we designed previously, this to get the Culina Group branding across as was outlined in the brief. CML Fulfilment & Logistics were very keen on reducing recruitment costs. We incorporated a solution into the new website that helps them to accomplish this goal. Most of CML's vacancies are created in Microsoft Word. We created a solution where this content could simply be copied and pasted without losing any of the original page layout design.

The Result

The feedback from employees and customers that have used the website has been very positive. Analysis has shown that the SEO strategy that was devised and deployed has proven to be successful. A steady rise on Google rankings for search terms that were outset in the SEO strategy for the various pages on the new website has been measured. The live result can be found here: